What are SHPC Condos?

The CADES Scalable HPC (SHPC) Condos consist of two HPC clusters: one in the ORNL Moderate protection zone (CADES Mod) and one in the ORNL Open protection zone (CADES Open). The clusters are further divided in to “condo units” based on which ORNL research groups purchased their nodes.

All ORNL research and technical staff may request access to the Birthright Condo. The other condos are accessed only by purchase or by approval from their owners.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, go to the SHPC Condo’s user guide and review our Overview and Getting Started sections, which include descriptions of the hardware and storage options and information about how to join the existing condos or start a discussion about developing a new condo.

The he SHPC Condo’s User Guide can be found here:¬†https://docs.cades.ornl.gov/#condos/overview/


Getting Help

If at any point you feel stuck and need some help figuring out your next move, please contact the CADES support team at cades-help@ornl.gov or join our Slack channel at https://cades.slack.com/signup.