CADES Town Hall:  New Open Lustre

CADES Town Hall: New Open Lustre

Cades Town Hall

CADES will host a Town Hall was April 29th, 2021. We discussed what you need to know to run on the new Lustre file system, /lustre/or-hydra.

CADES has been moving your data to the new Lustre filesystem, called Or-scratch, and filtering out the damaged files from that data over the last month. We don’t expect that transfer to be complete by May 4th when you get the new system.

  1. Old Lustre (lustre/or-hydra/*) will be come read-only on May 4.
  2. If you find that files that you need have not yet transfer between /lustre/or-hydra/* (old lsutre) and /lustre/or-scratch/* (new Lustre),  move them using rsync or wait for the transfer we are doing to complete.
  3. When you create new files on /lustre/or-hydra/ make sure that they have unique filenames or paths compared to what you had on old Lustre, until the transfer CADES team is running for you is complete. This will prevent the transfer from overwriting them.

Please see the details in the video and slides below:




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