CADES NVIDIA GPU Basics Workshop

CADES NVIDIA GPU Basics Workshop

CADES and NVIDIA hosted a GPU Basics workshop on November 8.

Slides 1: NVIDIA GPU Basics

Slides 2: Cades November Town Hall


Docs: CADES OpenACC Basics Tutorial- shows you the modules and SLRUM options needed to use the SHPC condo’s Tesla GPUS. 


GPU Basics Workshop 

This session will serve as an introduction to NVIDIA GPUs and accelerated computing. No prior experience with GPUs is required. Participants will learn about the fundamentals of GPUs and how they differ from traditional CPUs. They will next learn about GPU programming models, such as OpenACC and CUDA C++, and available tools to begin to use the GPUs in the CADES computing resources. When complete participants will have the basic understanding necessary to begin porting applications to NVIDIA GPUs.


Jeff Larkin, Senior Developer Technology Software Engineer at NVIDIA

Robert Searles, Solutions Architect at NVIDIA