Postponed: CADES Introduction to Containers

Postponed: CADES Introduction to Containers

This training is postponed: Check back for updates 

CADES will host a Town Hall and a hands-on Introduction to using Singularity in the CADES HPC and Cloud environments.


  • CADES News
  • Intro to Containers
    • How to use a pre-built container (tensorflow)
      • Hands-on:  Put a pre-built container on Condo or your Cloud VM.
      • Hands-on: Query your container environment.
    • Using Singularity to do a basic build of a container, install a custom software, and then push it to a container repository.
    • How to use externally available data/software from within a container using a bind mount.
    • Troubleshooting containers: Common problems encountered when using containers and techniques to alleviate them


Ketan Maheshwari, CADES Linux Engineer
Chris Layton, ORNL Cloud Engineer
Suzanne Parete-Koon, CADES HPC Engineer

Please note: We will not be issuing PAS for this training. If you are not already a badged ORNL staff member or collaborator, you must join by webconference.